IoT-AR Fusion


Augmented reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have received significant attention as the key technologies for making our future living spaces smarter, more responsive, and more interactive, thereby changing our everyday lives. AR is a type of interactive medium that provides a view of the real world augmented by, and/or spatially registered with, useful computer-generated information.

It empowers users to understand the world and amplify their intelligence in solving problems and conducting various tasks. In other words, AR offers a convenient approach for users to visualize and interact with physical objects and their associated data. In addition, a spatially registered and visually augmented interface offers a direct and semi-tangible interface, and is thus easy to comprehend and highly useful, particularly for everyday and/or anywhere usage. For example, Microsoft showcased a future AR service using a pair of mixed reality smart glasses, which directly visualize and make the object’s functionality interact with datasets from physical objects and structures within the user’s environment.